Shooting in Malawi. Photo by Kathryn Schoenberger.

Ben Dalton is a freelance reporter and filmmaker focusing on the countries of the former Soviet Union. Currently a dual-degree candidate in journalism and Russian & Slavic Studies at New York University, his work has appeared in The Diplomat, CNN.com, The Christian Science Monitor, and New Eurasia. He is a deputy editor at the New York Transatlantic.

Ben previously worked at World Learning as digital communications director and the International Crisis Group as a communications officer. He has shot and produced videos in locations across Europe, Africa, and Asia. His film documenting World Learning's Malawi Scholarship Program was recognized for distinction in the 2016 Videographer Awards. His JavaScript-based maps and visualizations for World Learning and Crisis Group became some of those organizations' most popular products. Together with Kimberly Abbott, World Learning's vice president for communications and marketing, he has conducted in-depth media trainings for non-profit professionals and academics in North America and Europe.

In his free time, he enjoys biking long distances and photographing factories. He lives in Brooklyn.