Tethered Narratives

Toward the end of 2015, I made a prototype digital annual report for World Learning, based on the design of the print version/PDF that had already been assembled. The idea wasn't to replace the original, but to experiment and see what might be possible in the future. Other than a few stubborn bugs (misaligned images here and there), I was happy with the result.

This spring, Alison offered me the chance to make a web version of the literary journal she was creating with her Literature of Immigration students at Stony Brook University. At first, I planned to use the annual report as a template, but switched to a WordPress theme at Alison’s suggestion. Her recommendation was the right call, since the finished product turned out nicely. I made only slight modifications to the SimpleMag theme, which handled the heavy lifting and freed me to focus on design and presentation. I set up the site on a DigitalOcean droplet, then transferred it to a permanent DigitalOcean account that Stony Brook controls. As long as a client is comfortable using DigitalOcean as their host, this seems like an easy way to deliver a project.